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Stamp a Cake Edible Ink Roller


Product description

Create your edible delights with Stamp a Cake, the easy way to transfer gorgeous designs with edible ink onto fondant cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

An amazing tool to help spread Stamp a Cake edible inks evenly over your food stamps before stamping. 

Comes with a convenient roller cover for storage and 1 foam roller

Made with food grade materials.


NB - Apply stamp designs to your edible treats using Stamp a Cake's inks, specially formulated to work with the stamps (note - regular gel pastes and other colours will not work) and the easy to use Stamp a Cake Edible Ink Roller and Acrylic Stamp Holder

Frequently asked questions.

How long does it take for a stamped surface to dry?

Drying times will vary depending on the surface that the stamp is applied to, how much ink is applied to the product and climatic conditions. For a standard application to a fondant surface,  stamped surfaces will dry within an hour.

Drying times are longer for the silver and gold inks.

What surfaces can the inks be applied to?

The ink works very well on a range of sugar craft surfaces, including fondant, gumpaste, wafer paper, edible icing sheets.

Can I stamp directly on to a fondant covered cake?

Yes, cakes covered can be stamped directly. As with all cake decorating methods, practice is required to perfect the skills required to apply stamps to covered cakes, but with a little practice it is possible to produce amazing results this way.  
It is not recommended to cover a cake with fondant with a stamped surface, as it will be difficult to apply the necessary touches to get the perfect smooth fondant finish.

Is there any alcohol in the Stamp a Cake inks?

No, all inks are alcohol free.

Will other colouring agents, such as gel colours, work as a stamping ink?

The Stamp a Cake ink has been specifically formulated to work with food grade stamps and tools. After rigorous testing, the Stamp a Cake produced the best results, in terms of drying time, adherence to the stamp and clarity of the stamp pattern on the food surface.

How much ink is required to use on the stamps?

The roller foam absorbs the ink to ensure even coverage of ink to the stamp and to achieve the best finish. Using approximately one third of ink from the 18ml bottle allows the best results to be achieved.  Additional ink can be used to top for larger projects.

For those using multiple colours on a project, it is recommended to have a roller for every colour used to minimise inks used and minimise creating a messy work space.  this way you reduce your ink usage. 

Can rollers with absorbed ink be stored? 

Rollers with ink absorbed on the roller foam can be stored and reused by covering with the roller cover when not in use. The cover protects the roller and the ink does not dry out and prevents the ink making an unnecessary mess on other surfaces.

Will any of the ink colours be available in a larger size? 

At this stage, only the white ink is available in the larger 60ml size. 

How do I clean ink off surfaces and tools?

The best method to clean ink from the press, ink tray, stamps and roller is with warm water mixed with washing detergent. Similarly, soapy water will remove the ink from bench top surfaces.

How do I clean ink off my hands?

Ink can be cleaned of hands using soapy water. However to avoid ink on your hands, it is recommended that food grade rubber gloves re used when cleaning or changing rollers.


How are Stamp a Cake stamps different from scrapbooking stamps?

Stamp a Cake stamps are made from food grade silicone. These stamps are safe to use with food products. Other stamps are typically made from rubber that is not food grade, and these stamps should not be used in the production of food. 

How do you remove the backing sheets from the stamps?

The stamps are food grade and adhered to backing plastic in the packaging. The stamps are made from very robust material and they can be stretched when removing the plastic backing and won’t be damaged.

How do you make stamps sticky again if they don’t stick to the press?

If stamps lose their adherence properties, wash well in detergent and allow drying.

Is there any tips we should know about getting the ink on to the stamps? 

The roller is best method of applying ink evenly to the stamp surface and achieving the best results.  The better the smoothness of the surface (fondant, gumpaste etc) the clearer the image that is stamped.  Stamping also works best on soft fondant.  

Will additional stamp designs be available?

Yes, there will be additional stamp designs released in the future. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with new design releases.

How do you clean the stamps?

The stamps are best cleaned in warm water mixed with detergent.

How should the Stamp a Cake stamps be stored?

It is recommended that stamps are cleaned thoroughly after use to ensure product longevity. Keep cleaned stamps stored on backing sheets for longer life and easy storage.


Are Stamp a Cake tools made from food grade materials?

Yes, all tools (acrylic stamp holder, disposable ink tray, roller, inks) are made from food grade materials, and have been specifically developed for use and application with food products.

Do you put the sponge on the roller first? Are there any tips on how to get the sponge on and off? 

It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when removing ink covered foam from the roller. The foam can be washed in warm soapy water and reused. Only use Stamp a Cake products for confident food safety.


Cupcake domes - create perfect stamped domed fondant tops for cupcakes.

Roller - Comes with 1 sponge.

Sponges - Sold in pack of 3

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Stamp a Cake Edible Ink Roller