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  • Sku: RD-CLCOM
  • Vendor: Rolkem

Rolkem Lumo Comet Blue Dusting powder


Product description

Approved food colouring, non-toxic, edible, highly concentrated natural pigments, not blends. This product mixes well with fondant, modelling paste, pastalage, water-soluble royal icing, butter icing, cocoa butter, ethanol, and with ROLKEM Quick Dry Essence. This product is also water-soluble. All colours, tones and shades of colours can be created by using these twenty-two colours. This product can be mixed directly into chocolate in its powder form without diluting it first.

Fun Fact: When you use it in cake batter and on icing and you shine a black light on it, it will glow. And above all, the product is 100% edible. It's made with natural ingredients.

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Rolkem Lumo Comet Blue Dusting powder