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Kina colouring dusts (3 pack greens)


Product description

3x sugarcraft edible dusting colours, to recreate the colours shown on Kina in our photo. (Kina is produced from an exclusive silicone mould, also sold by Kiwicakes)

Using 50/50 sugarpaste/ flowerpaste roll into a smooth crack-free ball slightly smaller than the cavity of the mould. It is important to press the paste very firmly into the mould so as to capture all the little "knobbly bits" where the spines were once. You can use the knuckle of your forefinger to do this but it works equally well with the end of a small rolling pin. You should end up with a thick domed shape with a hollow in the middle, the mould doesn't have to be filled completely. Try to roll in the edge slightly to keep the rounded shape. Flex the mould and turn out, again enhance the shape by curving the edge under.

It is really important to let the impression dry out completely before colouring; (i.e in the airing cupboard for a few days.)

Dust all over with a mixture of  greens then overdust the 5 darker stripes with darker green. in a downward striping motion.

Don't worry about trying to avoid colouring the spines. In order to highlight these - use a piece of cloth wrapped tightly over finger ( a clean piece of fabric similar to a hanky will do ) and moisten it with a drop of iso-propyl alcohol/rejuvenator spirit. Rub gently over the spines and the colour should lift off, leaving the spines white. Go over a few times using a clean area of cloth each time.

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Kina colouring dusts (3 pack greens)