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  • Vendor: Cake Lace - Claire Bowman

Claire Bowman stencil set 2 Scarlett Roses


Product description

Multi-award-winning Claire Bowman uses stencils on a day to day basis to create the most stunning projects. Claire has designed these vintage inspired stencils to help achieve beautiful and unique designs to enhance your cakes.

This stencil offers a traditional yet pretty look to your cake. Claire Bowman knows how to create that vintage feel without too much fuss and that is reflected in the Scarlett Roses stencil and gives you a choice of two

Design 1 - H: 2.52" x W: 1.93" (6.4cm x 4.9cm)
Design 2 - H: 2.09" x W: 1.89" (5.3cm x 4.8cm)

Required Ingredients -
15g albumen
75ml water
500g icing sugar
Dissolve 15g of albumen in 75g of water. Gradually add 500g of icing sugar and beat on low speed for approximately 10 minutes. If the icing is too thin it will run under the stencil. If it is too thick it will leave hard peaks when taking off the stencil. Test the stencil on parchment paper before using to make sure you get the right consistency.

Applying the Stencil:
To attach the stencil to the top or sides of an iced cake, place directly onto the surface, attach either with the Cake Wrap Kit or lightly wet the surface with water and the stencil will stick and the icing won't seep under the plastic. Use a trowel or spatula to smooth a small amount of icing or chocolate over the stencil.

Gently pull the stencil off the cake.

You can airbrush the stencils or us a flat ended brush to stipple food colour through the designs. Put a small amount of food colour onto a plate, dip your paint brush into the colour and take the excess off on kitchen paper.

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Claire Bowman stencil set 2 Scarlett Roses