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  • Sku: IBCO870637
  • Vendor: Barco

Barco Red Label colour dust powder Lemon (non edible)


Product description

Lemon Yellow is a non edible colour. Can be used for decorative work, for items that are not eaten

* Can be mixed into Quick Paint, Paint Base or pure lemon extract and used to paint onto fondant, In a small bowl, mix equal parts Red Label Powder with Quick Paint, Paint Base (for painting on chocolate or fondant) or pure lemon extract. mix thoroughly before painting and stir often as colour continuously settles to the bottom.


* Can be used to dry brush colour onto gum paste or fondant flowers etc. Dab the brush into the powder and tip off excess. Test the colour by brushing in a circular motion on paper towel. If correct, do the same on gum paste or fondant designs. ideal for sugar flowers. For small details, a small round head brush is best, for larger areas, use a wider, flatter brush to apply.


NOTE: Colours such as reds, purples, blacks and often browns develop to a darker shade over time, allow 2 hours for colour to develop once mixed into fondant etc.


It is advised that these powders be blended in to ph neutral product. An acidic product may change the colour of some colours - purple may turn blue, brown or black may become greenish.


* Kosher Certified


* Halaal Certified

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Barco Red Label colour dust powder Lemon (non edible)