More great Millionaires caramel recipes from Kiwicakes

More great Millionaires caramel recipes from Kiwicakes

Today I'm thrilled to share with you yet more great ideas for our millionaires caramel
To the top of brownie or chocolate cake pour warmed millionaires caramel over the top and drop sliced Maltesers on the top. Drizzle with more caramel and melted chocolate.

Millionaires caramel can be added to vanilla or classic cake mixes, as it has here in layers 1 & 3. To 975g cake mix which has been mixed up to it's liquid form add 375g millionaires caramel and blend until combined.

When making a cheesecake filling - blend your millionaires caramel with the double cream before mixing with the cream cheese. The millionaires caramel can also be warmed to make a thin topping layer.

Millionaires caramel makes a great filling for donuts too. Heat caramel slightly and fill a piping bag using a bismarck tip for filling. Heat caramel to 50 degrees Celsius and dip for a coating then press in to sprinkles.

Warm millionaires caramel to make a topping for gateaux. As well as a great filling between layers.

Millionaires caramel makes a great binding agent for muesli bar slices. Heat 250g millionaires caramel to 50 degrees Celsius and add 50g puffed rice, 75g bran flakes, 75g cranberries, 75g roasted almond flakes, 150g muesli, 75g chopped dates, 75g walnuts. (You can use any blend of nuts/fruit to your liking this is just a suggestion). Line a slice tin aprx 32x20cm and press down in to tin. Allow to cool. Drizzle with chocolate if desired.

Millionaires caramel is great for no bake slices. use as a topping by heating to 50 degrees Celsius and pouring over chilled/set base the press desired fruits/nuts on top and press gently.

A cheats quick version of pecan pie follows......using a beater blend 2 eggs with 500g of Millionaires caramel until combined. Add 120g of cake crumbs and 30g flour. Stir in 40g of pecan pieces and pour in to pastry case. Place pecans on top before baking. Bake at 180C for aprx 40-45mins. 

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