Sweetcorn powder now available at Kiwicakes

Sweetcorn powder now available at Kiwicakes

  • Sandra Boston
Every year I make a pilgrimage to Cook the Books cookery book store in Auckland. The knowledgeable owner has over the years recommended many awesome books, that have come home with me.
Some years back, her recommendation to me were the Milk Bar books by Christina Tosi
Christina is as passionate about food/recipes/talking about food/shopping for ingredients as I am. It's refreshing to know I am not a total freak, that there are others like me. The only difference is Christina is famous and I am not (and I'm totally cool with that, I actually don't wanna be famous)
If you haven't watched it already, I suggest checking out Chef's Table pastry episode featuring Christina Tosi.
In this episode Christina talks about creating "crack pie" now renamed "Milk Bar Pie". I immediately wanted to make this, but didn't know where to get sweetcorn powder. (Sweetcorn powder is also used in other recipes in these cook books, such as cookies)
I actually imported some from overseas, to first try these recipes. But now I am thrilled to say, you can buy it at Kiwicakes. Now all I have to do is not make them too often!

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