Hairy Maclary is 30!

Hairy Maclary is 30!

  • Sandra Boston
Hairy Maclary has been entertaining children all over the world for 30 years. To celebrate this, Oh Baby! magazine has created this wonderful birthday party. I was pleased to help with supplies for this wonderful party. (Currently if you buy this issue of Oh Baby! magazine at the supermarket, it comes with a free Hairy Maclary book). 

I wish my kids were tiny again - they loved Hairy Maclary books and after seeing this photo shoot, I wish I could have a Hairy Maclary party too. I adore the dog bowl cake - what an awesome idea.
Our dog bone cookie cutter was used for the cookies, I love how they put different names on each bone. And our stainless steel ice cream holder looks awesome on the party table
Our dog bone cookie cutter was also used for the sandwiches and take home party favours.
(article copied with permission from Oh Baby!)

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