Edible icing images not just for cake tops

Edible icing images not just for cake tops

  • Sandra Boston
Here in NZ my daughters birthday fell during level 4 lockdown. Luckily a few gifts had been purchased earlier in the year, so we still had something of a celebration. Although turning 17, I decided to turn it in to a treasure hunt (as she'd loved this as a child. And lets face it, I had to do something to fill those long lockdown days)
There were 4 of us at home, so I decided to make a small cake. I'd taken home some supplies on our last day of work prior to lock down.
I'd printed an edible image of our wee dog Kenzie. then trimmed the background so it was the exact height of the cake.
Whilst we are used to seeing edible icing images used on cake tops, I really enjoyed the different look of this one on the side of the cake
Here at Kiwicakes we can print oyur own photos on to icing sheets for oyu too.

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