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A fabulous new range of sweet treats from Megan Faulkner Brown Of Sweet Tooth Fairy

Megan Faulkner Brown, founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, embraced the foundations of baking and entrepreneurship simultaneously, and at an early age. Some of Brown's earliest memories are of sitting at the kitchen counter helping her mom make cookies. From her mother Megan learned exactly what color chocolate chip cookies should be when they emerge from the oven, and how a tasty treat can bring a smile to any face. From her father Megan gleaned an entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to pursue lofty ambitions. From the perfect mixture of these philosophies emerged The Sweet Tooth Fairy, a gourmet bake shop that has quickly become one of the most beloved companies in the Rocky Mountain region. 

Deemed by Food Network’s Cupcake Wars as one of the country’s most accomplished bakers, Megan not only has battled and won their competition, but she also has 8 retail bakeries located in Utah and Arizona with more shops ready to open in the immediate future. In January of 2013, she was a featured chef at the prestigious Chefdance in Park City. In addition to finding new locations, making regular appearances on local news stations and TV shows, national blogs, and introducing her signature Cakebites™ on the Rachael Ray Show, QVC, HSN, the Gayle King Show, etc, Megan spends her time returning to her roots, standing over her mixing bowl with pinches and powdered sugar developing new recipes. Before any product hits the shelves of the Sweet Tooth Fairy locations, it is first created and refined in Megan’s kitchen. 

Megan is looking forward to leading the continued growth of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, helping customers in new communities make memories with those they care about, one batch at a time.